Bedroom Condo Grand Cayman

3 Bedroom Condo Grand Cayman


Is your group planning a Caribbean Adventure? Consider the Cayman Islands which are considered as one of the region’s jewels. This British territory has it all: the beauty of nature mixed with the luxuries of modern living. Every year, tourists flock to the islands to escape the winter or simply to enjoy living in this tropical paradise for a while. Those who can afford 5-star hotels will certainly have a lot to choose from with all of the biggest names having a presence here. Others may want to search of cheaper options such as a 3 bedroom condo Grand Cayman style.

Plenty of Space for the Whole Group

These units offer quite a lot of space. With three full bedrooms, even large groups will be able to fit along with their luggage. There are storage areas for these so there should be no worries about the rooms getting cramped. The beds can usually accommodate two but this may be extended depending on the situation. The condo of your choice for their house rules. There is also a living area where everyone can go to watch television, eat a meal, watch the sunset, or plan the days ahead.

Your Home Away from Home

Hotels are quite luxurious which is nice if you like being pampered. Condos will have everything you need without going overboard on the luxuries. They even have things that hotels wouldn’t normally offer or charge a fortune if they do. An example would be your very own kitchen where you can save on expenses by cooking your own food. This is a big deal in a place where everything is imported and slapped with a massive tax. The furnishings and the décor will also remind you of home, only a little bit nicer since you’re right in front of a beautiful beach.

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