Long Drive With Your Family

How To Enjoy A Long Drive With Your Family


Holiday seasons are in most cases a time to enjoy a long trip with the family. You are heading to visit family and friends who may be living very far, and traveling in the car for a long time may be interminable for most people especially young children. Below are some of the tips that can help prevent the trip from turning into a nightmare. Before setting off for the long drive, make use of the dvla phone number just to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted interruptions while on the way.

Do not do it alone

It is always better to go on the road with two or more drivers. Even if the other partner may not be having a license, he or she may help you with navigation as well as staying alert. They can help with rescuing dropped stuffed animals and refilling cups with juice.

Pack smartly

On some road trips, a toddler may go through 4 pairs of pants. Make sure that the kids’ suitcases can be easily accessed. Staples such as kids’ clothes, diapers, and medicine should be accessible without the need to unpack the car. Pack a duffel bag with some change clothes and toiletries for every person so that it doesn’t require you to bring in all the bags for a short time’s rest in case of any unexpected overnight stop.

Play a game

Car games can help keep both the kids and elders occupied, awake and attentive. An example is the classic alphabet game which can be played by everybody.

Listen to a story

Talk radio and CDs are without a single doubt great, however many find them too simple to zone out. You may instead listen to stories that you have to pay attention to. Audio books might also do some great work.

Match the flow

You shouldn’t risk spoiling your fun by getting caught by the police for speeding. You can set the cruise control at a sensible speed and don’t be bothered if other drivers pass you by. Even though that may increase the time you have to spend on the road, you will have a piece of mind with no worries of getting a ticket, in addition to not worrying for anyone’s life.

Take a break

Nothing will ever make you feel as old as a long drive. The best way to prevent any associated pains and aches is through having short breaks frequently. You may decide to take fewer, but longer breaks in case you are traveling with a toddler who may be difficult to place in his or her car seat.

Anything goes

Car trips are hard for everyone, especially the young ones. Try to keep the trip special by bending certain rules. That is, give the kid the chance to watch TV all through the afternoon, let him or her drink his or her fill in juice and also let them eat all the treats that they may want. Even though the trip will still be long, there will at least be something for them.

Know when to surrender

Traffic stresses out so many people on a car trip. Make it (traffic) a reason to get off the road and find a fun park or get a feel for a nice dinner. You will find it much better and interesting to spend a rush hour resting than crawling along the parkway with the other hassled drivers.

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