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Things to Know When Shipping a Car: Your Guide to Avoiding Mistakes

Jasper Bragg



Shipping a Car

No matter whether it’s for employment purposes, purchasing online car purchases or shipping one to family members, certain steps must be taken in order to have the best experience. Begin with conducting some preliminary research to verify a company is legitimate before making your selections.

Choose the Right Carrier for Your Needs

Shipping your car can be an enormously daunting task. Selecting an experienced carrier company is crucial to a smooth shipping experience; one with deep knowledge and years of experience should be ideal.

Reputable auto transport companies will carry adequate insurance and follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, which will help to protect your vehicle during the shipment process. Top auto transporters provide Bill of Lading copies so you can monitor its progress and track it yourself.

When searching for a car shipping company, it’s essential to research reviews and reputation before making your selection. Make sure to contact people you trust as references or browse online reviews in order to gain an idea of their experience with certain companies.

As another alternative, an online marketplace that connects you with multiple carriers may save money by eliminating broker fees; however, keep in mind that such services usually have less options available to them compared to direct auto transport companies.

No matter if you’re shipping your car domestically or across borders, there are key considerations you need to keep in mind. Common mistakes people make include not being prepared, failing to conduct enough research, trusting “too good to be true” promises, leaving personal items behind in their vehicle without recording damage claims and failing to record damage reports. Being informed and avoiding these five mistakes can ensure an easy, stress-free car shipment experience.

First and foremost, it’s recommended that you select a company that provides the services you require. If you wish to ship your car using an enclosed carrier, for instance, then find companies offering this option and obtain several quotes to compare value between various options. Also take into consideration their length of operation; choosing an experienced firm is preferable.

Once you’ve chosen a company, the next step in vehicle transport preparation should be ensuring its vehicle is clean and has at least a quarter tank of gas. You should also remove valuables from your car before charging any non-run fees to carriers; record any unexpected mechanical issues on a form known as a bill of lading to help speed things along smoothly.

Before signing a contract with any car shipping company, it’s best to speak with their representative and ask any pertinent questions that arise. In addition, speaking with them gives an opportunity for you to gain an impression of their customer service quality and provide an opportunity for any concerns to be voiced directly.

Make Sure to Get a Quote

Price of car shipping is one of the key factors for many vehicle owners, and reliable auto transporters will be able to provide an accurate quote before booking car transportation services. According to this article – “how to ship your car”, there are a lot of moving parts. Many factors will influence this estimate such as make and model of your vehicle, its destination location and delivery date as well as desired date.

Longer routes tend to be more costly due to increased gas costs. Large cities often feature narrow roads and traffic congestion that drive up shipping rates; vehicle size also plays a factor: smaller cars take up less space so are generally cheaper to ship than their larger counterparts. Shipping rurally often proves more costly as transporters must deviate from their usual path for delivery services.

Your vehicle should always be transported using an insured carrier that has you protected in case of an accident or damage during transport. Make sure the company adheres to Federal Maritime Commission regulations and read their terms and conditions carefully for best results.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Preparing to ship your car for either an upcoming move or business trip can make the experience simpler, less stressful, and can help avoid any costly missteps (read here for more: A few simple steps will make the experience less daunting while helping to prevent mistakes that could end up costing a lot more in time and money than planned.

First step to preparing for shipping your car: choosing your transport method and ensuring there won’t be any employees actually, physically inside your vehicle. Open and enclosed transport is popular solutions but both offer unique benefits that should be carefully considered when choosing an ideal solution for you and your budget.

As part of your car shipping preparations, it’s important that all personal belongings be removed. This allows the carrier to conduct an in-depth inspection and prevent accidental damage during transit. Detachable electronics like GPS devices, toll tags and custom stereo systems should also be removed as part of this preparation. Finally, be sure to drain your fuel tank down to approximately 1/4 full to reduce risk of flammable gas igniting during shipping.

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