3 Summer Holiday Alternatives To Buying A Timeshare

Summer Holiday

Timeshares can provide a perfectly reasonable and realistic way to get the perfect holiday – for some. For many more, meanwhile, timeshare can cost far more and not just financially, which you can find out more about via the Timeshare Consumer Association website. An organisation set up to help ‘timeshare victims’ become timeshare survivors, the information contained on its website is something everybody thinking of buying a timeshare should give some careful thought before buying. It is also wise, before thinking of buying into a timeshare, to consider the alternatives. Hence, here are just three of the most interesting on offer in 2016.

Rent a Timeshare

Not sure whether to purchase a timeshare? Why not experience enjoying a holiday, or even all of your annual summer holidays, in timeshare properties without ever being responsible for paying the annual fees that are attached to them, or parting with the thousands involved in buying one?

Renting a timeshare from an owner who cannot or has chosen not to use it themselves is not only possible, but also a cost effective means of experiencing what timeshare properties can be like to stay in without having to face any of the hassle, stress or cost of buying one yourself. Further, renting timeshares enables holiday makers to holiday somewhere different (should they wish to) every year. So, to learn more about timeshare rentals, head over to the Timeshare Exchange website.

A Package Holiday

Opt to take a package holiday – it really is that simple. For those who do so it is also usually the most easy, stress free and cost effective means of getting away and enjoying a holiday too. After all, that is exactly why, unlike timesharing, package holidays have soared in popularity over recent years. Flexible, personable, inexpensive and stress-saving, package holidays provided by high street travel agents such as Thomas Cook often offer the perfect summer holiday solution.

What is more, for those hoping to save even more money, take a last minute summer break or who are just in the mood to change things up a little, giving your high street travel agent a miss and instead searching through the deals via an online operator, such as Last Minute, can reap some very exciting, unexpected and cost effective results indeed.

Invest in a Holiday Property Bond Scheme

Finally, a relatively new idea and one which attempts to address or at least avoid many of the problems encountered by those who buy into timeshare properties, is the holiday property bond scheme.

Holiday property bond scheme work on a system in which ‘bonders’ swap their pounds sterling for points and collect those points up to later exchange for a holiday. Meanwhile, the money invested into the bond is pooled along with that of its other investors to purchase and create a jointly owned portfolio of holiday properties. Then, bonders can choose from a plethora of destinations, locations and accommodations and stand to save thousands over the course of their summer holidaying lifetime.

Most attractively perhaps, and as explained in more detail on the This is Money website, the real up-side of investing in a holiday property bond scheme is that it can provide genuine and actual investment potential. Whilst timeshare owners own a stake in the lease attached to a property, bonders invest in the value of the properties within a scheme’s portfolio. Hence, it is far easier to trade bonds. Meanwhile, the properties bought and contained within the portfolio put together by a group of bonders is there to be enjoyed and holidayed in – for free.

Then, to learn more about Holiday Property Bond Schemes, what it costs to join one and what you can stand to reap from doing so as well as the sorts of holidays you can look forward to enjoying, continue your research via the Holiday Property Bond website.

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