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All You Need To Know About The Issues And Problems Of The Spine




Issues And Problems Of The Spine

The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It helps us in doing almost every kind of work, but certain problems or conditions can affect it in such a way that our normal routine life gets disrupted in every way. There are many kinds of spine diseases that can affect people. Some are very common, some occur due to accidents, some occur due to some kinds of regular conditions and so on. Dislocations or problems in the vertebrae can also cause several spinal issues that lead to problems in the human body.

Some diseases and problems of the spine are:

  • Spinal meningitis: When infection of the fluid as well of the membranes that are present around the brain and spinal cord occurs, then this kind of meningitis occurs. Symptoms include: Rapid loss of weight, fever, seizures, and the stiffness felt in the neck and the back, headache, pain in the vertebrae, pain in the joints, feeling drowsy all day long and sensitivity towards light. Meningococcal Meningitis should be treated ASAP because it is a medical emergency.
  • Scoliosis: In this condition the spine is curved in a‘s’ or a ‘c’ fashion. This abnormal curvature of the vertebrae causes a lot of problems in a man’s body. It needs a very complicated surgical procedure when the condition increases with age. Always consult the best spine surgery doctor  before starting the treatment for scoliosis. This disorder is very much genetic and more common in women than in men. Even the ancients used to know about this condition. It can be treated with braces only if the condition is mild. Some of the symptoms include back pain, chronic constipation, heart problems, uneven arm length, dysmenorrhea etc.
  • Radiculopathy: When nerves in the spine get compressed, then this condition arises. It can happen in every portion of the vertebrae, but is most common in the lower back and in the neck region. Pain, tingling and numbness are common signs of this disease. Heavy manual labour jobs or contact sports can also cause this condition. Steroid injections and physiotherapy are the best treatment options for this condition of the spine.
  • Spinal stenosis: In this condition the spinal canal narrows down. Pseudo-claudication or spinal stenosis have several symptoms like weakness and numb feeling in legs or arms, balance problems, pain in the lower back etc. It can be hereditary, or caused by spinal curvature, achondroplasia and also by bone tumours. Laminectomy, acupuncture and physiotherapy are the most common forms of treatment of this condition.
  • Spondylitis: This condition is caused when the vertebrae is inflamed. It is a type of Spondylopathy. Ankylosing spondylitis, spondylodiscitis, cervical spondylitis,etc. are the various forms of this very common disease that has been affecting many people worldwide every year. Some of the symptoms include tremendous pain in back, neck, hands, and fingers as well. Other symptoms are spinal curvature, bowel problems, bladder incontinence, pain on hips and legs etc. Regular exercise is very helpful for this condition.

These are the major spinal diseases and there are others as well. Consult the best spine specialist whenever you notice the symptoms and get treatment done immediately.

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