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What Is Cerdas Uir?

Jasper Bragg



Cerdas Uir is a website that allows users to access articles from various journals and magazines published by Universitas Islam Riau (UIR). To use this website, you first need to register for an account. After registering, you can then login and start browsing the articles available on Cerdas Uir.

There are several ways in which you can search for articles on .

The simplest way is to type the name of the journal or magazine into the main search bar and press enter.

Alternatively, you can browse through the list of journals and magazines sorted alphabetically or by subject matter

A third option is to use Advanced Search which allows you to specify keywords, authors, year of publication etc. Once you have found an article that interests you, click on its title to view it online or download it as a PDF file.

If your university subscribes to Cerdas UIR then there may be no charge for downloading full-text versions of articles however if your institution doesn’t subscribe, then charges will apply.

To view video tutorials about how to use Cerdas UIR please watch this video.

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