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Step-By-Step Guide To Waterproofing The Wood-Deck




Between heavy foot traffic, local pests, and sporadic weather, the backyard deck takes a serious beating throughout the entire year. Water, when combined with UV radiation and changes in weather and temperature might wash away the deck’s finish, color, and natural resins causing it to look dull and weathered. It is with the waterproof deck coating that the backyard deck can be kept safe, functional, and stylish for years to come. This article explains the steps that need to be undertaken to waterproof the deck.

1. Clear away debris:

Before applying the sealant, it is to be made sure that the deck is dry and clean. Take a long-handled deck broom and sweep away all the dirt, pine needles, and leaves. When sweeping the deck, pay close attention to its condition. See if there are any cracks, protruding nails, or any other signs of damage. It is essential to repair these common issues before further carrying out the waterproof deck coating process. Learn more about Waterproofing The Wood-Deck at

2. Repair the wood:

Once dirt and debris are swept away, go back to the damaged spots that were noted earlier. Begin with repairing cracks, protruding nails, and splitting. In case nails are broken consider replacing them and nails that have been pushed upward are to be hammered back. Also, keep an eye out for rotted boards and replace them.

3. Deep clean the deck:

If the backyard deck still looks a bit worse after first cleaning then it might need deep cleaning. Although power washers are effective in deep cleaning the deck, one must be aware that these washers can also damage softer woods. Therefore, when using a power washer for a softer deck, lower the water pressure to avoid splintering or etching. If the stains don’t come out by just using a power washer, use a formulated deck cleaner and a synthetic bristle brush to scrub the remaining spots.

4. Choose and apply the sealant:

Selecting the right sealant can be tricky as it depends on the type of decking material and climate. Also, deck sealants and stains can be found in a variety of tints that influences the appearance of the finished product. It is recommended to ask the decking professional for the right sealant based on the decking material. Once the sealant has been selected, apply it to the deck using a paintbrush or garden spray. Using a brush is preferable as it allows one to go slowly, board by board providing the best results at last.

5. Finish up:

Allow the sealant to dry for at least 48 hours and then apply a second coat. Once the final coat is dry, one will have a beautifully sealed and protected deck. At last, an individual can place his furniture and potted plants on the waterproof deck.


Over time, harsh weather and heavy foot traffic damage the backyard deck. According to the decking professionals, it is better to go for waterproof deck coating to keep the backyard deck in excellent condition. Also, don’t forget to maintain the deck by cleaning off any dirt and debris time and again.

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