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What Makes Ferrari Cars A Ferrari?




Ferrari Cars A Ferrari

The Italian-based car manufacturer Fiat Ferrari is perhaps the most powerful and exclusive brand in the global car industry. No other car brand can beat a Ferrari for its speed and engineering precision. The company was initially more into Formula One racing cars but has of late forayed into the passenger car market as well. This brand started its operations in India in the year 2011. But they are generally very expensive and in India, Ferrari cars are seen as a sign of wealth and luxury. There are very few Ferrari cars running on Indian roads although the numbers are slowly increasing due to high disposable income with people. Some of the well-known celebrities here who proudly own a Ferrari car are Sachin Tendulkar, Ratan Tata, Vijay Mallya, Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan, and Lalit Modi.

Models available here

Ferrari California T, Ferrari 488 GB, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Ferrari 458 Spider, and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta are the cars that are already on sale in the country. Ferrari F620 GT is another upcoming car that is expected to show its face at the Auto Expo 2016. All these cars cost Rs 3 Crores or more in India and are by no means a common sight. One may be lucky to see them very occasionally in metro cities. Like buyers, the number of dealers is also limited when it comes to these expensive cars. There are only two Ferrari dealerships in the entire country – one in the capital city of Delhi and the other at Mumbai.

Exceptional Features

Ferrari cars are generally long and sport an aerodynamic architecture. The super-rich interiors of the Ferrari cars have all advanced and striking features that one can ever dream of. The advanced safety features ensure a relaxing ride and maximum protection to the passengers. But the main focus of these cars is on high performance and brilliant transmission. Most of their engines are designed in terms of racing environment and give out a minimum power of 500 bhp. They can reach a top speed of 300-400 kilometers per hour. But in a country like India which is infamous for its traffic jams and crowded and narrow roads, driving these cars at high speeds is rather impossible.


A person driving a Ferrari would be hardly bothered about mileage, which normally every car buyer frets about. This is due to the basic fact that Ferrari is not made for mileage delivery but it is made for high performance. Most of the Ferrari cars yield an average mileage of just 7 to 9 kilometers per liter. However, another notable thing about these cars is their reduced CO2 emissions.

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